Ax Protocol's Cross-Chain Native Stablecoin

What is USX?

  • An ERC20 token enhanced with cross-chain capabilities.

What makes USX unique?

  • Native USX exists on all the chains supported by Ax Protocol, which means that USX can be sent to another chain without going back to a hub or core chain.

  • The value of USX remains the same across all chains, making it fungible with itself on any Ax Protocol-supported chain.

  • All USX cross-chain transfers result in native USX at the destination, not wrapped variants.

  • USX cross-chain transfers require users to only pay for gas fees, making it cost-effective regardless of the transfer amount.

  • There is zero slippage when transferring USX across chains, which means the amount sent always equals the amount received.

  • By leveraging Curve liquidity pools, USX achieves deeper liquidity and superior stability compared to USDC, USDT, or DAI individually.

USX Transfer Fees

Users only need to pay for gas fees. There are no percentage-based fees.

Total Fee = Source Gas Fee + Destination Gas Fee

Benefits for End-User

USX simplifies and reduces the cost of transferring value between chains; users just connect their wallet to the source chain and complete a single transaction to move funds to a different chain.

Benefits for Traders

USX mitigates cross-chain market-making risks by offering a stable token for executing two-sided trades, enabling arbitrage of volatile assets against the stablecoin across different chains.

Benefits for dApps

Ax Protocol is building a widget that enables any dApp to facilitate USX cross-chain transfers directly within their user interface. This makes it very easy for users to zap liquidity into their favorite dApp in one click.

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