Product Roadmap

High-Level Product Roadmap for Ax Protocol

USX User Interface

The official USX interface allows users to:

  • Mint USX on Ethereum by supplying USDC, USDT, DAI, or 3CRV.

  • Redeem USX on Ethereum for USDC, USDT, DAI, or 3CRV.

  • Transfer USX across all Ax Protocol-supported chains.


A streamlined user experience for monitoring the status of USX cross-chain transfers.

USX Widget

A configurable React component that enables dApps to facilitate USX cross-chain transfers directly within their user interface.


An extension to the Ax Protocol transfer experience, enabling users to exchange native or ERC-20 tokens across chains in one click.

Example 1: Provide ETH on Ethereum ➡️ receive MATIC on Polygon.

Example 2: Provide UNI on Ethereum ➡️ receive UNI on Arbitrum One.

Example 3: Provide USX on Fantom ➡️ receive ETH on Optimism.

Ax Money Market

A lending protocol that allows users to:

  • Borrow USX and other assets against over-collateralized debt positions.

  • Earn interest by supplying liquidity to the protocol.

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